Football. For some, it is a beloved game, for others, it is life itself. Form week to week we are getting excited for the rounds, we cheer for our teams. The modern life ensures for us to be able to see more games from week to week. We talk about it, we argue, but on thing is for sure, everyone is convinced to be the expert. We are just like this.

But what lies behind. Players, coaches, managers, head officers, journalists, reporters, and many other individuals in this profession put their life to make a living from the game, or to be close to it, and to gain information. We are just like this.

At the same time when we started our activities as player agents, we were thinking, that the joy of the game will be ours even if we are not the one playing it, but we help the players, especially the young ones, to be successful after so may years work, find the team, where they can play according to their qualifications, and they make it financially as well. We are aware, that not everyone can play for millions in the biggest teams, but many can make a living and be successful. This is why we decided to promote the progress of young players in the first place. We try to find teams thanks to Szergej Pacaj, primarily in Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic, Kazakhstan, and of course Hungary for players of both Hungarian and other nationalities.

We do not intend to deal with many players, just as many, to whom we can really be a partner. For those, whose everyday life we can follow, and are able to build a very close relationship, many times on a daily basis we can help them at their new team and support the adjustment to the new environment.

Business, but taking the human values in consideration. This is Balltrade, out philosophy.